Survey finds people binge-watch Netflix shows in public

Seven percent of Netflix users worldwide say they've watched movies and shows in public restrooms.


NSFW    WORLD OF NETFLIX — Ever watched Netflix in public? If so, then you are part of the 67% of annoying Netflix users worldwide who shamelessly watch shows and movies in public even if it means exposing others to spoilers.

Based on a survey done by Netflix, most popular places to watch Netflix outside the home are on buses, planes, and the commute.

The survey also revealed that 26% of its users said watch shows or movies while at work. While about 7% worldwide — said they have watched movies and shows in public restrooms, guess binge-watch can be done really anywhere and anytime. And 45% of people watching Netflix outside their homes have caught someone sneakily watching along with them.

Other findings from the survey include that, 20% of people admitted to crying while watching Netflix in public.

About 17% of users say they have missed their stop while commuting because they were too focused on a movie or TV show, well, it's your own fault for missing that bus. Also, 11% say they have had a TV show or movie spoiled by someone watching it in public. And 27% of people say a stranger has interrupted their Netflix viewing to talk about what they're watching.

While many have confessed about their Netflixing activities in the public, 18% of users actually admit they are embarrassed about Netflixing in public.

The company has released interesting yet oddly specific surveys in the past, such as cheating on your partner by watching shows without them, or it is unlikely to see a German bawling while watching videos.
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