Surveillance shows old lady violently mugged on London street

A 92-year-old recently widowed woman was brutally robbed in broad daylight while on her way to see her doctor.


NSFW    LONDON — Shocking surveillance footage has been released by London police showing an elderly woman being violently mugged in broad daylight.

The woman was walking to an east London medical center around 2:40 p.m. on June 27, when a hooded man crept up behind her and grabbed her purse, according to a statement released by the Metropolitan Police Service.

The 92-year-old widow hung on to her bag, but was yanked to the ground and dragged for several feet. The ordeal left her in so much pain that she eventually let go. She reportedly sustained severe bruising on her ribs, left arm, and side.

The suspect fled the scene with the handbag, which contained the woman’s mobile phone, 100 pounds in cash, a Freedom Pass, and some documents.

Authorities are looking for any witnesses who may have seen the assailant, who is described as a black man with short black hair.
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