Surgeon admits marking patient's livers during transplant

A nasty liver surgeon admitted that he used a laser to brand his initials onto his patients' livers during transplant surgery.


NSFW    BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM — Some doctors get up to all sorts of no-good when you're old cold on the surgery table.

The Telegraph reports that liver surgeon Simon Bramhall was quite the Zorro, using an argon beam to mark his initials on the livers of two patients during transplant surgery.

Argon bean markings aren't harmful to the liver and normally disappear over time. One female patient's liver didn't heal properly though, and another surgeon was shocked to discover the initials during a follow-up operation.

Bramhall was suspended immediately after the discovery, but ended up resigning later after going through disciplinary hearings.

The surgeon has since pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating for marking his patients, and will be sentenced on January 12.

But while most doctors were scandalized, one of SB's former patients think it's not such a big deal, since at the end of the day, it's more important to save lives.

Still, that's some twisted sense of narcissism.
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