Super thirsty koala grabs a drink from cyclist's water bottle

Cyclist Anna Heusler posted the clip to her Instagram.


NSFW    ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — A woman out biking with her friends was shocked when an extremely parched koala walked up and drank from her water bottle.

According to 7 News, Anna Heusler was biking with a group of cyclists toward Adelaide last Friday when the thirsty little fella hailed them down.
It approached the riders, so Heusler started giving it water. That's when her furry new friend climbed up onto her bike so it was easier to have a sip—okay, more like a massive gulp.
In a series of several Instagram posts, Heusler said the koala was suffering from severe thirst due to recent the heatwave and fires.
Heusler told 7 News that it wasn't unusual to see koalas while biking, but seeing one approach them like that was surprising.
Talking to the station, she said, "we've seen literally hundreds of koalas over the years, we have never seen a koala do this."
Unfortunately, they didn't have more water to give the little guy. They eventually put the furry fellow back into some nearby trees.
Australia's koalas have been seriously struggling after massive bushfires in the region this year have destroyed habitats, leaving them without food or water.
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