Super Bowl security: Minneapolis goes big brother for game day

The Minnesotan capital will get Orwellian this weekend as 2,000 security cameras and 3,000 cops will be watching out for public safety.


NSFW    MINNEAPOLIS — Thousands of security cameras and police officers will be watching out for public safety at this weekend's Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

Law enforcement will be watching fans through the lenses of some 2,000 fixed surveillance cameras, reports the Pioneer Press.

Around 3,000 police officers will be deployed on the day, with 2,000 carrying smartphones. Those devices are equipped with a video application that'll let officers record and broadcast any suspicious activity to a command center. There, 80 staff from various law enforcement agencies will monitor public safety across Minneapolis.

According to Pioneer Press, command center officials will watch the movements of officers in real-time by tracking blue and white badges on a map. Officials will also be able to monitor and deal with most incidents within the U.S. Bank Stadium via enhanced surveillance technology.
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