Suckerpunch fight Chargers fans beat Broncos fan caught on video!


NSFW    What the Foul?

San Diego and Denver need to learn how to get along! The NFL has done much in recent years to decrease the prevalence of concussions on the field, but what have they done to decrease incidents of concussions off the field? In National City, California, on Sunday night, an innocent Broncos fan who was doing nothing more than running up and down a street full of commiserating Chargers fans, gloating and screaming expletives, got a beatdown for some reason.

The man, wearing his overside Manning jersey tighter than the skin on a weiner, was clearly looking for a fight, and he got one. A couple of corpulent Chargers fans decided to try and suckerpunch the waddling Denver fan. Surprisingly, he was quick enough on his feet to avoid the swing and was still able to dance away laughing, at least until he got tackled by three Chargers fans at the same time. That was about the time heh stopped laughing because his mouth was full of some other dude’s shoe, repeatedly, until cops rained down on them like a biblical plague.

In an impressive display of priorities, the men continue to go after each other even as the cops try to separate them. Eventually, the scene ends up with one giant fat guy and cop layer cake, until cuffs were applied and the Broncos fan on the bottom was finally uncovered and permitted to breath again.
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