Submarine discovers shipwreck with treasures worth $17 billion

A 300-year-old Spanish galleon was discovered off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia. It may contain up to $17 billion in treasures.


NSFW    COLOMBIA — The shipwreck of a 300-year-old Spanish ship discovered off the coast of Colombia was found to have treasures that may be worth up to $17 billion.

The ship was found with the help of an underwater robot submarine.

The Remus 6000 went 2,000 feet below the surface, and was equipped with a long-range sonar that scanned the sea floor.

The drone also took pictures of anything that seemed unusual, CBS reports.

When researchers revisited the site recently, they found cannons engraved with dolphins. The researchers claim that this is a sign the ship was the San Jose, without a doubt.

The exact location the shipwreck is still kept a secret, but it was found off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia in 2015. It supposedly has a cargo full of gold, silver and emeralds that could be worth nearly $17 billion, CBS reports.

Since the treasure has been discovered, both Spain and Colombia are claiming that they are the rightful owner of the ship.

The researchers have mentioned that since they "are explorers, not treasure hunters," they would not be involved in the dispute between Spain and Colombia.
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