Suarez dives for Liverpool, Stoke's Huth sticks in Das Boot


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Liverpool forward Luis Suarez has gained a reputation as one of the Premier League's most prolific divers.

Suarez's theatrics reached a new low over the weekend against Stoke when his triple salchow in the area prompted Stoke's Tony Pulis to call for a three-match ban for divers.

The bad thing for Suarez is that when he is actually fouled, he doesn't get the call. Stoke's Robert Huth stamped on Suarez earlier in the same match and it was ignored by the ref.

Liverpool drew Stoke 0-0 and remains without a home victory this season.

In April we animated Ashley Young after the Manchester United winger dove twice in one week for penalties against Aston Villa and Queens Park Rangers. Several people in the comments section asked about Suarez. So here you go.
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