Suarez and Terry kick racism to top of Premier League agenda


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Premier League stars Luis Suarez and John Terry of Liverpool and Chelsea recent racist outbursts have bought racism in football firmly back in the spotlight.
Suarez was fined 40,000 pounds and banned for eight games last month after an FA panel found him guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra during October's Liverpool-Man Utd game.
Terry, meanwhile, is due in court on February 1 after a member of the public complained to police over an alleged outburst aimed at QPR's Anton Ferdinand. Terry has proclaimed his innocence.
Efforts have been made to tackle racism in the game over many years despite the indifferent attitude shown by certain governing bodies. Only recently FIFA President Sepp Blatter caused controversy when he said racism on the pitch should be 'settled by a handshake' after the game.
Whatever the outcome, Terry's court case is unlikely to change much either. However, it could affect England's defence at the Euro 2012 championships as Terry's regular central defensive partner is none other than the brother of the man he allegedly abused, Anton Ferdinand's brother Rio.
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