Stupid criminals butt dial 911 by accident, get arrested


NSFW    Two Fresno men were bitten in the ass by the law when they accidentally butt-dialed 911 during an alleged burglary.

Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart were out driving last week when one of them accidentally butt-dialed 911. After trying to get the caller’s attention, the dispatcher listened in on the two men as they were talking about smoking weed. About 40 minutes later, the dispatcher heard, “Get the bolt and give me the hammer just in case” followed shortly thereafter by the sound of a window breaking.

He then heard the dynamic duo celebrating because they found prescription drugs in the car they had broken into. ‘They’re narcos! Yee-ahh,’ one of them was heard saying.

As the two were driving away, police were already searching the area for them based on clues the dispatcher was feeding to them. After the two were arrested, officers explained to the two men how they were caught. Teklemariam and Rinehart were jailed on one count each of burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of stolen property.
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