Study shows there's not enough CO2 in Mars to make it Earth-like

A new study shows that it may not be possible to make Mars habitable for humans, at least for now.


NSFW    MARS — A new study from NASA shows that it may not be possible to make Mars habitable for humans using current technology.

According to the research conducted by NASA, there isn't enough carbon dioxide on Mars required to create an Earth-like atmosphere.

Mars does have carbon dioxide in its rocks and polar ice caps, reports

However, even if all the carbon dioxide was released, it wouldn't be enough to raise the atmospheric pressure to 1 bar which is necessary for the temperatures at the pole to be above the melting point of water.

Apparently, Elon Musk does not agree with the scientists, and tweeted, "there's a massive amount of CO2 on Mars absorbed into soil that'd be released upon heating."

The scientists said even if carbon dioxide from the soil were to be released, it would require the entire planet of Mars to be heated 100 meters below the surface which could take upto 10,000 years.

They did agree that the released carbon dioxide could raise the atmospheric pressure, however it wouldn't be enough to warm up the atmosphere.
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