Study finds airport security trays contain more germs than toilets

A study conducted by Finnish and British researchers found that airport security bins may contain viruses that cause respiratory infections.


NSFW    FINLAND — A study published in the BioMed Central Infectious Diseases journal found that plastic airport security trays carry viruses that could cause respiratory infections.

The researchers involved in the study took swab samples of different plastic trays at the Helsinki Airport three times during flu season in 2016.

Four out of eight security tray samples were found contaminated with rhinovirus or adenovirus, both of which cause cold-like symptoms.

The plastic trays were found to contain the highest frequency of respiratory viruses as the trays were recycled quite often and contained different items such as shoes, laptops among other things.

The study also found the viruses on 10% of the surface area tested such as shop payment terminals, staircase rails, as well as passport-checking counters.

The researchers encouraged people to minimize the spread of viruses by hand-washing and coughing into their sleeves.

The researchers also said the airports should offer hand sanitizers to travelers as well as cleaning and disinfecting the security trays more often.

The scientists involved in the study warned that airports could spread disease and create a potential risk-zone.
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