Study claims men are more attracted to blondes

Apparently men find lighter-haired women more attractive due to their "youthful" looking appearance.


NSFW    AUGSBURG UNIVERSITY, MINNESOTA — A new study by the University of Augsburg in Minnesota claims men prefer women with blonde hair to women with other hair colors.

According to the study, male participants found blonde-haired women to look "significantly" younger and healthier than those with a darker hair shade.

A total of 110 participants were shown images of women with different hair colors and asked to rate them. Women were rated based on their estimated age, health, attractiveness, relationship potential and parenting potential.

The study, published in the Journal of Social Psychology, suggests that the men observed found women with blonde hair to be more attractive and "dateable."

However, blondes were also seen as more "promiscuous." Interestingly,the male participants chose women with darker hair shades for the "wife material" category.

The researchers also asked about the length of a woman's hair. Apparently the results show that men tend to prefer women with medium-length hair.
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