Students with good grades get to go to a strip club according to this principal

Principal Carlos Borrero is also being sued for sexual harassment by a former teacher at the school.


NSFW    QUEENS, NEW YORK — Carlos Borrero, principal of High School for Community, is currently being sued by a former instructor for sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

Stacey Long alleged that Borrero promised to take students with good grades to a strip club. Borrero also told Long that she should wear lingerie and dress more provocatively to get students to pay attention to her during class.

Long also said Borrero flirted with her and made sexual remarks about how he’d love it if she’d teach him a thing or two. In the end, Long was forced to resign and then took Borrero to court.

Could we make a suggestion? Maybe the judge should wear some sexy lingerie to hold Borrero’s attention, since he seems to have a hard time understanding the word ‘no’ he might struggle with anything beyond a first grade level.
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