Students caught adding own extra sauce to food served to teachers

Students at an Olentangy middle school have been accused of putting piss and spunk into the food.


NSFW    POWELL, OHIO — Several middle school students are definitely in need of some extra credit after allegedly putting a bit of their own extra sauces into food that was served to teachers.
A spokesperson for the Delaware County Sheriff's office said there are several victims and suspects.
According to WBNS, the incident allegedly happened last Thursday at Hyatts Middle School in a "Global Gourmet" class.

The sheriff's office said the students are accused of adding their own lemonade and milkshakes into crepes served to teachers.
Apparently there was video—of course there was—of the culprits adding the self-made Country Time and spooge into crepes, circulating among the students.
Staff unfortunately didn't learn of the video until five to six hours after the teachers had eaten the food.
According to the Sheriff's Office, lab tests are underway to CSI the substances.
The school district released a statement saying, "the safety and security of our students and staff is of utmost importance. District leadership and local law enforcement are conducting a thorough investigation into this incident, and anyone found in violation of school policies will be held accountable for their actions."
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