Street spies? Las Vegas to install streetlights that can record conversations


NSFW    Las Vegas is currently installing a new street-lighting system which has the ability to record sound and capture video.

Named Intellistreets, the new street-lighting system makes use of wireless communications, LED lighting and computing. The new streetlights can play music, broadcast messages and interact with pedestrians. The new lighting system can be added onto existing poles and can be controlled by an iPad or similar device.

Another feature of the new street-lighting system is that they can be fitted with camera systems to enable video and audio recording. Each streetlight is connected with another in a bi-directional meshed communications network. The data collected by the streetlights is transmitted wirelessly to a cloud server for storage.

While some are worried this system could be set up to record the conversations of passers-by, the Las Vegas public works director said in an interview with MyNews3 that the city is not planning on recording pedestrians in the immediate future.
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