Stranded dog rescued by oil rig staff

Workers on an oil drilling team spotted a dog stranded on sea and saved him by pulling him onto the rig.


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BANGKOK — A dog was stranded in the Gulf of Thailand when an offshore drilling team spotted and saved the mammal on April 12, the Bangkok Post reports.

Vitisak Payalaw[c][d] and his oil drilling team affiliated with Chevron noticed a dog's head sticking out of the water nearby their rig, CNN reports. The animal was trying to cling onto it."

According to the Bangkok Post, they decided to throw a rope around the dog's neck and pulled him onto the oil rig.

The team was worried that the waves could sweep him away, so they had to work fast.

Payalaw told CNN that the dog's eyes looked sad and exhausted, as if it was pleading for the team to help him. He also shared images of the rescue mission on Facebook.

According to Time magazine, the team named the dog "Boon Rod" which means "Survivor."

The dog was then taken in by the animal protection group Watchdog Thailand.

Payalaw has said that if no one takes the dog, he would be happy to adopt the dog and take it home.
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