Sticky bandit using gum to scam ATM users around Gold Coast

The thief has been using chewing gum to steal cash from ATMs.


NSFW    AUSTRALIA — A thief down under has been using gum to steal money from ATM users around the Gold Coast.
According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, a man has been shoving chewing gum on dispensers to stop bills from coming out.
When unsuspecting users notice their money hasn't come out, they walk off to find someone to help them get their money out.
That's when the suspect sneaks up and takes the cash out. According to its operator, the man has made off with at least $1,000 from a single ATM.

According to other ATM operators, the suspect doesn't always take the money. Sometimes, he just blocks the dispenser with gum.
So far, no official complaint has been made to the police. When will this sticky bandit chew again?
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