Steve Jobs receives posthumous Grammy


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Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO who died in August after struggling with pancreatic cancer, has received a posthumous Trustee Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, the same body that hands out Grammy awards to musicians.

The honor is part of the Recording Academy's group of Special Merit Awards, and recognizes people who have impacted the business in ways beyond performing music. In a press statement released Wednesday, the Academy cited the Apple iPod and iTunes music marketplace as revolutionizing forces, which many say helped save the recording industry amid declining CD sales and MP3 pirating.

Jobs joins the likes of radio and TV presenter Dick Clark, radio DJ Alan Freed and embattled record producer Phil Spector. And he isn't the Academy's first person to receive the award posthumously. Audio recording pioneer Thomas Edison was honored in 1977, 46 years after his death.

As if a Grammy from beyond the grave wasn't enough, a bronze statue of the Mac maven was unveiled this week in Budapest at the headquarters of Hungarian software company Graphisoft.
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