Stanley Cup finals: Los Angeles Kings shoot for first win


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The Los Angeles Kings are leading the Stanley Cup finals against the New Jersey Devils. In their 46-year history, the Kings have made it to the finals just once. Will they finally win?

After Game 3, the Kings lead the series 3-0 over the Devils.

But while the Kings are playing well, they struggle for attention in a city where the Lakers and Dodgers are treated like royalty thanks to multiple championship wins. The Lakers have won 16 championships and the Dodgers have won six.

In fact, the Kings have been a non-entity for so long that NBC Los Angeles confused the Kings with the team from Sacramento. During a newscast, anchor Chuck Henry introduced a story on the LA Kings with a logo for the basketball team the Sacramento Kings.

Meanwhile, Liz Habib, a sports anchor for KTTV, flubbed her way through game highlights by referring to the puck as a ball and mixing up players' names.

But the Kings are finally gaining clout. FOX Sports will pay $21 million a season for broadcast rights, up from $12 million.

Nevertheless, if the Kings hope to win the Stanley Cup, the team needs to improve its power play, which has been lacking with an efficiency of just 7.8%.

Should they succeed, maybe LA Kings gear will finally find a wider audience beyond gang members.
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