Squirrels stash hundreds of walnuts under hood of car

A Pennsylvania woman who was having some engine was surprised to find hundreds of walnuts stashed under the hood.


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PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh area couple thought it was pretty strange that almost all the walnuts that had fallen from a black walnut tree in their yard had disappeared without a trace.
According to CBS News, that was because a bunch of overactive squirrels had been storing them all—under the hood of the couple's SUV.
Chris Persic told KDKA that his wife Holly called from Northland Library and said it smelled like her car was burning, and that it was making a weird sound.
Persic told her to pop open the hood and have a look. She then sent over a hilarious picture with more than 200 walnuts and grass piled up under the hood of their Kia.
Persic had to rent a car and then go over to help his wife clean out all the nutty nuts, which took them almost an hour.
What's even more nuts is that after they took the vehicle into the shop, they found another half a trashcan worth of walnuts under the engine too.
Looks like these squirrels were planning for the next zombie apocalypse.
Luckily, the stashed walnuts didn't do any serious damage to the couple's ride.
The squirrels were asked for a comment on the incident, but did not respond before the story went to print.
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