Speeding Porsche goes airborne into second story of building

The two men were killed when the vehicle crashed into the New Jersey building.


NSFW    TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY — A speeding Porsche lost control and went airborne into the second story of an unoccupied New Jersey building.

According to CBS New York, two men are sadly no longer around after a freak morning accident on November 10.

Police say 22-year-old Branden DeMartin was driving a Porsche Boxster with 23-year-old Daniel Foley in the passenger seat.
According to authorities, the sports car was traveling northbound on Hooper Avenue at Fast and Furious speeds.
The car then appears to have lost control and crossed over the southbound lanes, before hitting the curb.
The Porsche then started tumbling before hitting a ditch which launched it up into the second floor of an office building, landing upside down.
Police say it was around 6:30 a.m. when the vehicle and bodies were found.

CBS New York reported that firefighters and other responders pushed out bricks out of the way, so that a crane could lift the car out around noon.
After the Boxster was towed away, investigators stayed on scene for several more hours.
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