Spanish church tries really hard to restore sculpture

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


NSFW    ESTELLA, SPAIN — The Church of San Miguel in Estella hired a crack local arts and crafts teacher to restore a priceless 16th-Century wooden statue of St. George.
Images of the newly restored statue have now gone viral, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.
St. George is now sporting a new bright, pink face with some really colorful body armor.

For some odd reason, many are less than pleased with how things turned out.

The Guardian reported that the town's Mayor Koldo Leoz said, "they've used plaster and the wrong kind of paint and it' possible that the original layers of paint have been lost. This is an expert job it should have been done by experts."

The group in charge of the restoration is called Karmacolor and even uploaded a Facebook video showing each step of the process. Too bad it's been deleted already.
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