Southwest passenger booted from flight for bad vodka joke

A flight attendant actually had the gall to remove a passenger for making a joke she didn't like.


NSFW    SACRAMENTO — A passenger stuck waiting for hours on a Southwest Airlines flight from Sacramento to Austin, Texas was actually booted from the plane for making joke a flight attendant didn't find funny.
According to Fox 40, Flight 478 to Austin from Sacramento with a stop in L.A. was scheduled to fly on May 8.
According to passenger Peter Uzelac talking to Fox 40, while the airplane was on the taxiway, a maintenance light came on, so the plane was forced to head back to the gate.
Uzelac said the flight was then delayed again.
After a few hours passed—with all the passengers stuck onboard—they needed to refuel. At this time the flight attendants started handing out water.
That's when the passenger next to Uzelac made a joke about passing out vodka because they'd been waiting so long.
The flight attendant apparently lacks all form of funny bone because she then walked over and said, "I don't think that and I didn't like your joke."
She then had the gall to get on the phone and report the guy, which caused the plane to return back to the gate yet again, but this time so several Sacramento County sheriff's deputies could get on board to remove the guy.
The sheriff's office says the man was not charged with any crime, but he did miss his flight—and all because of a joke.
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