South Korean janitor may get to keep discarded gold bars

A janitor may get to keep around $325,000 worth of gold bars he found tossed in the rubbish at Incheon International Airport.


NSFW    SEOUL — A janitor may get to keep around $325,000 worth in gold bars he found dumped in the garbage at Incheon International Airport.

According to police, the original owner of the seven, one kilogram bars had them wrapped in newspaper and dumped them in the garbage to avoid being caught with them.

The owner has not yet come forth to claim to gold. If the owner doesn't show up to get the gold over the next six months, the janitor will get to keep according to a "finders keepers" law.

If the owner does show up, the janitor could still get five to 20 percent of the market price for the gold.
But if the gold turns out to be stolen, the janitor gets zilch.
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