South Korean coffee shop uses robot baristas to brew coffee

The robot baristas are able to brew coffee in less than a minute.


NSFW    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — A coffee chain in South Korea has come up with the idea of replacing human baristas with robotic baristas.

The robot takes orders via a mobile app or a kiosk and is able to make fresh coffee in just under a minute, according to the Associated Press.

Once the coffee is ready, a 4-digit code is sent to the customer so that it can be used to open the pick-up box containing the coffee.

The robot baristas are wired with 5G technology to offer faster services, reports The Korea Times.

Dal.Komm Coffee seems to be doing quite well as it currently has 45 robot-equipped coffee shops across the country, as reported by the Associated Press.

The futuristic robot barista is able to brew 90 coffee cups an hour, or as many as 300 cups a day. The coffee shops have managers who monitor the robots via surveillance cameras and sensors.

While some may find the new technology to be "fun" and "convenient," others might prefer to have a human connection with their barista.

Not surprisingly, this new tech is proving to be extremely popular with the millenials, as most prefer to do everything on their smartphones.

The developers of the barista robots said they are planning to launch a faster, smarter version of the robot that will be able to recognize customer voices and movements later this year, The Associated Press reports.
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