South Korea plans railway linking Korean Peninsula and Russia

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has announced plans to build a billion-dollar inter-Korean rail network that will ultimately connect to Russia and the rest of Europe.


NSFW    SEOUL — Following the successful inter Korean summit, South Korea is now planning to build an extensive network that will connect the Korean Peninsula to Russia via rail.

AFP reports that North and South Korea have begun talks about connecting their railways, using existing lines that run from Seoul to Pyongyang, and on to the Chinese border city of Sinuiju.

The project also plans to build a separate high-speed railway that would allow trains to go from Seoul to Sinuiju at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour, reports Donga.

Current North Korea rail infrastructure only allows slow moving trains at less than 50 kph, and will need to be upgraded to handle increased speeds and heavier loads.

The completed lines will later connect to Moscow and the rest of the Trans-Siberian railway, ultimately establishing a land route between Europe and the two Koreas.

The railway plan is one of the trilateral infrastructure projects between South Korea and Russia, the other two being energy and electricity.
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