South Korea plans 'frankenmissile' to take out North Korean weapons

The South Korean army is planning to develop a new monster missile to blow up the North's weapons in the event of armed conflict between the two nations.


NSFW    SEOUL — South Korea has revealed plans to build a new missile to take on the North, should war break out on the Korean peninsula.

Korea Herald reports that the South Korean military is planning to counter Pyongyang's growing weapons capabilities by developing the Hyunmoo-IV, a surface-to-surface missile with an 800-km range and a payload of up to 2 tons.

It will be powerful enough to destroy the North's underground military facilities and command centers, and is set to be the final weapon to be mobilized in Seoul's three-tier attack plan.

According to Yonhap News, the plan's first step involves launching a KTSSM missile to strike North Korean artillery that have been camouflaged and embedded along the DMZ and on the coast of border islands.

Hyunmoo-2 ballistic missiles will then be deployed to neutralize the enemy's nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, and their delivery systems.

The development of the 'frankenmissile' is part of army efforts to establish a five-pillar operational concept that can minimize civilian casualties and put an early end to armed conflict.
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