Sony's Aibo robot dog comes back cuter, smarter, more lifelike

Sony has resurrected their popular Aibo robot dog after more than 10 years, with tons more features and capabilities.


NSFW    TOKYO — Sony's Aibo robot dog is back after playing dead for a decade, and not is it adorable, it's also a heck of a lot smarter.

According to Sony, the mechanical pup is equipped with ultra-compact actuators that allow it to do a plethora of lifelike dog movements, and OLED puppy eyes to show a range of expression.

Aibo can form emotional bonds too, or so Sony claims. The robo dog will actively seek out its owners and learn what makes them happy.

Its behavior also changes over time as it adapts to its environment, eventually forming its own unique personality — all thanks to AI.

But as with any purebred Japanese dog, Aibos are expensive. A unit costs over 1700 U.S. dollars, and that's not including the mandatory monthly plan.

You may not be spending on kibble, but your robo pub needs its daily dose of data. The basic plan provides LTE and Sony cloud access for less than 30 dollars, though you're locked in for three years. Definitely a pricey pup.

Anyone who's willing to blow money on a mechanical canine companion can pre-order ahead of the January 11 release date, but know that it's only available in Japan.
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