Sonic microwaves maybe giving US embassy workers headaches

Staff in China and Cuba have reported similar head problems with no apparent physical cause.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Research into brain injuries suffered by U.S. diplomatic staff has been linked to suspected energy attacks on embassy workers in China and Cuba.

The brain can perceive microwaves as sounds in a phenomenon known as the Frey effect. Over time, targeted microwave energy could induce head injury.

A microwave weapon, according to the New York Times, could look like a satellite dish and may be handheld or fixed to a variety of transportation. Citing research, the New York Times reports that U.S. diplomatic staff in Cuba experienced intense high-pitched sounds inside their hotel rooms and homes.

University of Pennsylvania brain expert Douglas Smith told CNN the injuries are like "like a concussion, but without a concussion" as patients had no previous head trauma.

A senior U.S. administration official told CNN authorities suspect the injuries were caused by microwave beams, but added that they have no solid evidence.
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