Someone released bedbugs inside a Pennsylvania Walmart

Police are investigating after someone deliberately tried to infest a Walmart in Pennsylvania with bedbugs.


NSFW    EDINBORO, PENNSYLVANIA — Someone in Pennsylvania apparently hates Walmart so much they deliberately tried to cause a bedbug infestation.

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According to CNN, a manager at an Edinboro Walmart found a closed pill bottle filled with live bed bugs inside a boy's jacket that was for sale.

The next day, an employee from health safety company Ecolab visited the store and spotted the little parasitic critters crawling all over the men's changing room.

After a second closed bottle with dead bed bugs inside was found later in the men's department, Walmart staff finally reported the incident to the cops.

NBC reports that state police are now investigating the incident, and itching to find whoever's responsible.

Itching is right. Bed bugs may not spread disease, but they're definitely a pain to deal with.
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