Some guy in Queens tried to bury the hatchet ... in a cop's back!

The hachet-swinging lunatic was possibly trying to start his own personal jihad against New York City’s finest.


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It sounds too weird to believe, but one man is dead after his possible attempt at jihad on the streets of New York City failed.

Zale Thompson was seen wildly swinging a hand-axe on Jamaica Avenue near 162nd Street in Queens, a busy shopping boulevard. A number of rookie NYPD cops were taking pictures when Thompson began his short-lived crusade of terror by burying his hatchet in one of the cop’s arms.

The officers tried to reason with the crazed hatchet-swinging man, telling him to drop his weapon. Ignoring the command, he then struck another officer viciously in the back of the head. The officers sprung into action and employed deadly force, firing 19 rounds at Thompson and killing him on the spot.

A stray round struck a homeless woman who is currently in stable condition, as are the two police officers who were hit with the axe.

NYPD is following up on claims that Thompson may have sympathised with Islamic terrorist groups, based on suspicious messages and photos left on his Facebook page.
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