Snowboarder buried alive in Oregon ice cave collapse


NSFW    The body of Collin Backowski, the 25-year-old snowboarder became trapped on saturday when an ice cave on Oregon’s Mt Hood collapsed, has been recovered. Backowski and five friends were on the mountain scouting out locations for a snowboarding video.

The group ventured into the glacial cave. Backowski was 30 to 40 feet ahead of the others when, without warning, the cave began to collapse. Falling ice struck two men but the main group was able to escape. Backowski was in too far - according to reports, a bus-sized block of snow came down directly on top of him.

The the group began digging for their entombed friend but the snow was too dense. Rescuers equipped with chainsaws and hand tools resumed the search at 4 a.m. the next day and recovered the young man’s body.
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