Sneaky squirrel stuffs 50 lbs of pine cones into man's car engine

A man in Michigan found out too late that a sneaky critter had been using his car's engine as pine cone storage.


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GAYLORD, MICHIGAN — A Michigan man got the shock of his life one morning when he discovered a secret stash in the hood of his car.

The Detroit Metro Times reports that on May 11, Kelan Moore was driving to his opening shift at the Iron Pig Smokehouse in Gaylord, Michigan, when he started hearing strange noises coming from his car's AC.

When he lifted the hood of his newly acquired vehicle, he was surprised to find it filled with 50 pounds worth of pine cones.

A sneaky squirrel had apparently been using the engine as storage space for winter.

It took two people 45 minutes to clear out all the pine cones, which at that point had already expanded from the engine heat.

Moore's friend Gabe Awrey later posted a photo on Facebook, with Moore commenting that he was going to suss out and strangle the furry culprit.
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