Snapping too many selfies might lead to a wrist injury

According to a study in the Irish Medical Journal, most people get a selfie-wrist as they tend to lose their sense of surrounding while taking selfies.


NSFW    USA — With social media is taking over people's' lives, here's another thing to worry about — selfie-induced wrist injuries, also known as a "selfie wrist."

The news comes after reality show star Kim Kardashian West was ordered to stop taking selfies by her doctor.

According to a study in the Irish Medical Journal, a selfie wrist often occurs when the distal radius is accidently fractured.

The researchers found that people often compromise their sense of space when their trying to take the perfect selfie, leading people to concentrate on their smartphones rather than their surroundings.

In more extreme cases, the injury could lead to trauma and or hospitalization.

In the study, the researchers noted the importance of educating society of the risks associated with taking selfies in order to reduce selfie-related injuries.
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