Snake catcher removes 45 rattlesnakes from under house

A Texas man called in the big guns after he spotted "a few" rattlesnakes under his house.


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ALBANY, TEXAS — A north-central Texas homeowner was watching some television last week, when the cable started acting up, according to KWQC.

According to a Facebook post by Big Country Snake Removal, the man snaked his way under the house and ran into "a few" rattlesnakes, so he made a tactical retreat and called in the pros.
According to KWQC, when guys from Big Country Snake Removal had a look for themselves, they MAY have counted more than a FEW.
They posted an almost 18-minute long video of the hours long removal job to Facebook, which has already racked up more than a million views.
According to the post, the snake catchers arrived around lunchtime and immediately upon crawling under, could see they were dealing with a whole mess of rattlers—45 to be exact.

The video shows Big Country owner Nathan Hawkins and a partner take the snakes out one by one from the small crawl space under the house.

The house was clean with a well-kept yard, but the post wisely added, "rattlesnakes don't care how nice your house is or what kind of car you drive- they simply care about survival."
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