Smith & Wesson's new Backpack Cannon will blow you away!


NSFW    Gun Crazy

Gun maker Smith & Wesson has unveiled its latest killing machine the 'Backpack Cannon' to the gun-crazy hordes in Las Vegas on Monday at the annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade show.

The cannon, officially known as the Performance Center Model .460, is a huge revolver that features a three-inch barrel, high-vis sights and a shock absorber on the handle. It has five chambers that take massive .460 calibre rounds.

A Smith & Wesson spokesman said about the cannon, "It's a very comfortable gun to shoot. It's great for a back-up gun in the back-country, or even for hunting if you're going after some pigs or hogs or anything like that."

Wild pigs can be aggressive when 'up close and personal' and hunting experts say that a large calibre bullet is needed to take out the hairy beasts.

Smith and Wesson acknowledges that when it comes to self-defense, revolvers have been replaced by high-capacity, semi automatic pistols such as the Glock, but they feel with such massive firepower the cannon may still appeal to some.

The company suggests outdoor types will plump for the cannon as a back-up weapon in case their main armament fails.

The huge caliber revolver means it could also be suitable for close combat with wild creatures including bears.

So stay way, Yogi. You have been warned!
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