Smartphones are changing the way people type

A study found the quickest way to type on a mobile is with two thumbs and auto-correct


NSFW    EUROPE — It looks like pounding your thumbs into that smartphone to type is catching up to the speed of typing on old school keyboards.
The Washington Post reported that according to a new study, double thumb typists hammer out on average of 38 words-per-minute, compared to 51.56 words-per-minute on physical keyboards.
Researchers from Finland's Aalto University, the University of Cambridge and ETH Zürich carried out the largest mobile typing study to date by testing 37,000 volunteers.
The study also found that smartphone typists who use auto-correct are quicker than those who use word-prediction tools. Aka—you can type faster if you ignore spelling.
Most mobile phone users type on their overpriced devices with one or two thumbs, while some apparently just use a single index finger.
No shocker here, 10- to 19-year-olds type about 10 wpm faster than older people in their 40s, regardless of whether the keyboard was on a phone or a computer.
Researchers also found that smartphone users left more uncorrected errors and use the backspace less.

That's probably because it's an enormous pain in the behind to go back and change things when you're typing on your phone.
According to the Washington Post, smartphones may have some other ergonomic risks that we don't see with physical keyboards, such as neck, shoulder and grip issues.
And not to mention staring at the smartphone screen will probably make you go blind one day, but until that day comes, pound away.
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