Slug throws Japanese rail into chaos

Japan's high-speed rail was thrown into chaos after a power failure which had been triggered by a single, tiny slug.


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KYUSHU, JAPAN — Everyone knows the Japanese are sticklers for punctuality, and their trains are no different.

But just last month, the high-speed rail in Kyushu was thrown into absolute chaos after a tiny slug triggered a massive power failure.

CNN reports that the outage happened at 9:40 a.m. on a Thursday, aka rush hour, or otherwise known as the worst possible time.

It affected lines operated by JR Kitakyushu, which led to 26 trains being cancelled and over 12,000 passengers getting delayed.

An inspection of the network's electrical equipment later revealed the culprit: a two to three centimeter-long dead slug.

The slimy little bugger had gotten in through a gap in the power box, and burned to death after touching an electrical cable — which then triggered the mass power outage.

Wildlife effing up the power isn't terribly uncommon, but it's usually collisions caused by animals like deer. Slugs — not so much.
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