Sky Green towers built in Taichung, Taiwan

The building was designed by Singaporean architectural firm WOHA.


NSFW    TAICHUNG, TAIWAN — Singaporean architectural firm WOHA has designed a sustainable, mixed-use building called Sky Green, in Taichung, Taiwan.

According to the company's project website, the development features two towers with sky gardens and terraces filled with lush greenery.

One of the tower's facades is lined with mesh screens with vegetation on it, while the other consists of balconies with plants and other flora.

The first three floors of the structure includes retail stores, while the rest of the building consists of residential apartments stacked on top of one another.

The tower's interior offers open spaces with green vegetation for residents to relax in.

According to Arch Daily, the design of the structure was chosen to adapt to Taiwan's local culture and climate.

Construction on the building was completed in November of 2019.
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