Six trapped after elevator falls 84 floors inside Chicago skyscraper

Six people were trapped in an elevator for hours after it plunged 84 doors down the Hancock Center in Chicago.


NSFW    CHICAGO — A pregnant woman, several law students and some tourists were among the 6 people who escaped from a stuck elevator in Chicago last week. The lift fell 84 floors.

The Chicago Tribune reports that six people stepped into an express elevator on the 95th floor of Chicago's John Hancock Center around midnight on Friday. Two cables holding the elevator broke soon after.

The people inside said they felt the elevator moving fast and saw a dust-like material enter the carriage. The elevator fell 84 floors before stopping at the 11th floor.

Firefighters had to use a gooseneck camera to determine the elevator's exact location, before then breaking through a brick wall to open the doors and rescue the people trapped inside.

The rescue took nearly three hours. A Chicago Fire Department Spokesman told the Chicago Tribune that none of those trapped suffered serious injuries.
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