Singapore may have flattened the curve on COVID-19

Lockdown in the Lion City is limiting the coronavirus's spread to one new case per patient, according to a local medical expert.


NSFW    SINGAPORE — According to Singapore's The Strait Times, COVID-19 has an infection number between 2 and 3 globally, meaning each patient infects two or three more people.

The newspaper reports the infection number in the city-state has dropped to 1 since the government-ordered lockdown on April 8, citing Alex Cook, associate professor of public health at the National University of Singapore.

By limiting exposure to carriers, social distancing could slow the spread of COVID-19, even if the biological factors remain hard to tackle.

Cook was cited as saying Singapore's confirmed cases have risen to 1,481 as of April 7.

However, he claims most were imported and Singapore should be able to control the disease if the nation shuts its borders.
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