Shoving a potato up the poop shoot won't cure hemorrhoids



NSFW    LONDON — When your backdoor is burning from a bad case of piles, what do you do when there's no Preparation H laying around? Home remedies of course.
According to Vice, the UK edition of Reader's Digest decided to write up a list of nine home remedies for treating hemorrhoids.
Some ideas the magazine suggests include nestling a warm teabag right against your backdoor while sitting on the can.
Then there's also slathering on some Vicks Vaporub around the outside of your bum orifice.
Apparently, grating up a raw potato and holding it against your rear entrance also works.
You know one thing that doesn't work? Shoving an entire frozen potato wedge up the backside like WalesOnline suggests.
According to the website, inserting a frozen potato slice into the poop shoot for 30 seconds several times of three to five days will clear those piles right up.
It's pretty clear from the article that whomever wrote it, isn't a medical professional. Meanwhile, actual doctors are telling people not to do it.
So who are you going to trust? WalesOnline or some know-it-all-doctor?
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