Shot in a million! Austin cop takes out terrorist from 300ft while on horseback

One-man terror squad Larry McQuilliams was shooting up police headquarters when Sergeant Adam Johnson dropped him with a single shot from more than 300 feet away.


NSFW    Good Cop

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago while some were sleeping off their turkey dinners or waiting for Black Friday discounts, downtown Austin was turned into a battle zone thanks to one Larry Steve McQuilliams. However, without a lucky shot by a lone mounted officer, it could’ve become much worse.

In a note found later, McQuilliams blamed his rage on his being unable to find work due to immigrants taking all the jobs. He targeted buildings like the Mexican Consulate and federal courthouse because of this.

Things changed when he decided to take aim at Austin Police Headquarters. As police were setting up a perimeter, Sergeant Adam Johnson caught a glimpse of McQuilliams from a block away and fired his department-issued .40 calibre pistol while holding the reigns of two horses. The literal shot in the dark flew over 300 feet, hitting McQuilliams square in the chest, killing him on the spot.

Divine intervention or lucky shot? Either way Officer Johnson is being praised as a hero in Austin.
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