Shoppers run for their lives as Chinese escalator crumbles

Two shoppers ran for their lives when an escalator in China collapsed under their feet.


NSFW    LUZHOU, GUANGXI / CHINA — Yet again, a Chinese escalator has tried to kill someone, and unfortunately this isn't' out of the ordinary.

According to Sina, on June 15th, a shopping mall in Luzhou, Guangxi saw two shoppers run in absolute terror as a shoddy escalator collapsed behind them.

The video from the mall's surveillance cameras shows the pair of shoppers stepping onto the escalator only to see it crumble beneath their feet, forcing them to run upwards to safety.

The escalator is currently being repaired. Fortunately, no injuries were caused by the incident.

Unfortunately, not everyone is this lucky. The South China Morning Post reported on another escalator incident back in 2015 involving a 30-year-old mother and her two-year-old son.

The horrific incident saw the mother push her son to safety before she was pulled into the exposed mechanism and tragically killed.

Of all the things to be made in China, escalators aren't one to take a risk on.
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