Shopper holds down deer in Walmart pet aisle

A man in Wadena, Minnesota spotted a deer wandering his local Walmart and took it upon himself to subdue and later, set free the hundred-pound animal.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

WADENA, MINNESOTA— Customers in a Minnesota Walmart got a wild surprise after noticing a deer in one of the aisles perusing the merchandise.

WDAY reports that the young buck was likely hunting for a snack when it walked up to the garden center outside, and strolled right into the store’s motion-activated doors.

Tom Grasswick had been deciding on dog dishes when he felt something bump into him. He looked down and found a deer, right in the pet aisle.

Grasswick quickly moved to subdue the hundred-pound animal, pinning it down near a bag of dog food.

The deer whisperer then covered the animal’s eyes to keep it from resisting. Once it had calmed down, he and a few others set it free outside.

Neither Grasswick nor the confused deer was hurt in the incident. Walmart, meanwhile, will likely be making changes to their garden center door.

Sorry Bambi, no more shopping for you.
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