Shop owner shows off badassery by grabbing gun pointed in his face

After grabbing the robber's gun, the shop owner then chases the robber out of the store.


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CCTV footage from a shop in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire captured the moment when an "armed" robber gets his gun taken from him by a fearless shop owner.

A man entered the shop on Saturday night asking for cigarettes and alcohol. As shop keeper Hunar Mohammed, 37, put the items in a bag and worked out how much they cost, the man drew a gun and pointed it in Mohammed's face, demanding money.

Instead of complying or cowering, CCTV footage shows Mohammed eyeing up the robber for a moment before snatching the weapon, which turned out to not even be a real gun. Footage then shows Mohammed chasing the robber out of the store before calmly returning to the counter.
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