Shit Girls Say viral video meme wearing out its welcome


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A Twitter account and subsequent viral video series titled "Shit Girls Say" has taken the Internet by storm, but with an onslaught of copycats drawing accusations of sexual and racial insensitivity, some feel the meme has overstayed its welcome.

Shit Girls Say is the brainchild of Toronto couple Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey, both comedians. As Sheppard revealed to the The A.V. Club, the idea for the Twitter account came about from his innocuous request for Humphrey to pass him a blanket while the two were watching TV one day last April. "It immediately struck us as a 'girl' thing to say," Sheppard explained, and thus an Internet sensation was born. The couple amassed a large following on the micro blogging site, and parlayed their popularity into a YouTube channel in December. Their three videos to date, all starring Graydon dressed in drag, have recorded over 16 million total views.

Some critics allege they serve to marginalize and mock women, and the spinoffs they have inspired, like "Shit Asian Girls Say," are being called downright racist. Comedian Franchesca Ramsey argues her video, "Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls," aims to highlight the realities of communicating, albeit ungracefully, in a multicultural society. With view counts soaring, it doesn't seem like many people are all that offended.

And that might be the fad's undoing: not controversy, but oversaturation. Is the end not near once videos like "Shit Vegans Say" start popping up?
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