Sheriff sparks debate after erecting non-PC 'welcome' sign in his town

Georgia sheriff erected a sign telling visitors to leave if they wish to be politically correct.


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HARRIS COUNTY, GEORGIA — The sheriff of a small Georgia community has created controversy, posting a rather unwelcoming "welcome" sign outside the sheriff's office.

Sheriff Mike Jolley erected the sign declaring Harris County's "pride" in being politically incorrect on Tuesday morning.

The sign welcomes visitors before asking them to leave if they have a problem or are offended by any of the beliefs stated.

Jolley says he paid the $553 for the sign out of his own pocket and did so to give a voice to the "silent majority" he believes are becoming more and more afraid to stand up for their own beliefs.

He added that since putting up the sign he has received an overwhelming amount of positive support on social media as well as donations from wellwishers that have already paid for the sign twice over.

Feedback on a post from the sign's makers' Facebook page appear to back Jolley's assertions, with several posts commending his actions.

Although a few negative posts are also present, some calling him out for "violating the Constitution."

And critics, including the Freedom from Religion Foundation, have accused Sheriff Jolley of overstepping his authority and said the sign would make visitors of faiths other than Christianity feel unwelcome.

But what do you think? A harmless expression of traditional American values, or an offensive, divisive and unnecessary sign? Leave your beliefs in the comments.
Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley stands next to the
Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley stands next to the "offending" welcome sign. NBC 26
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