Shell-shocked pet owner breathes life into dying tortoise

John Fletcher of Gloucestershire, England revived his drowning tortoise after giving it a full hour of CPR.


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GLOUCESTER, ENGLAND— Pet owner John Fletcher was left shell-shocked when he found his 45-year-old tortoise Freda drowning in his garden pond on Aug. 14.

Fletcher began reviving Freda by giving her mouth-to-mouth CPR and stretching her head out a little, the Telegraph reported.

After a while, Fletcher saw water come out of Freda’s mouth and her legs begin to twitch. He then used a hairdryer to warm Freda up and massaged her legs and neck. Fletcher massaged Freda’s chest repeatedly for an hour and finally, the tortoise started gasping for air, then opened her eyes to let her owner know she was alive.

After being saved, Freda is now back to her normal routine, strolling around the garden and just generally looking at things. Only now, she will be staring at a fence around the pond that Fletcher has put up to protect her.

According to Loz Bogaert, owner of a reptile store in Brighton, tortoises can only float on water for a short amount of time. So peeps, keep an eye on your little friends.
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